Mike Sears

Mike Sears, developer of Trix of the Trade, and the top producer nationally from 2005-2015 for his broker-dealer.

Keynote Speaker for your Financial Services or Insurance Business Event: Mike Sears

Every year at meetings and annual events, corporations are looking for great speakers that will entertain their organization, but also impart the knowledge and skills that will allow their salesforce to be more productive and close more sales.

Mike Sears is "one of them" since he is a top producer in life insurance and financial services business for over 26 years. In fact, he was the #1 Producer for his broker dealer from 2005-2015. As a speaker, entertainer, and magician/mentalist, he has performed nationally for more than 28 years — entertaining major corporations and organizations such as Merrill Lynch, Canon, Questar Capital, Trigon, Allianz, and many more — from New York to Las Vegas.

Mike Sears, by combining the knowledge, skills, and closing techniques that have made him a top producer with the entertainment of world-class magic/mentalism to help make your event great. As your keynote speaker, his magic/mentalism will enthrall your audience — keeping them on the edge of their seats — while his sales ability in the financial services and life insurance industry will teach, inspire, and motivate your sales team to get out and produce — earning more money.

Everyone Loves His Unique Blend of Magic and Mentalism

Mike says; “I have been attending sales meetings in the financial services sector for the past 26 years and there isn’t anything remotely close to what I do! This is truly a ‘One-of-a-kind Transformational Experience delivered with Impact!’”

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Keynote Speaker who is sure to Entertain & Educate

As your keynote speaker, Mike Sears will pass on the Trix of the Trade that will enhance your fee-based or life insurance sales.

  • Insider Secrets” to closing sales
  • How to comply with new Department of Labor (DOL) regulations on the financial industry
  • A very unique life insurance sale technique that resulted in a top producer status within the first year of implementation
  • Teach your team a Magic Trick they can use to delight their clients

Magic is a universal language that will automatically capture the full attention and interest of your audience, whether it is Mike Sears performing at your event, or one of your sales teams meeting one-on-one with a new client.

Hire Mike Sears to be the Keynote Speaker at your next meeting or event, and it will be a success!

When The Selling Stops, The Magic Begins!sm

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Why Mike Sears Should be the Keynote Speaker at Your Next Event

  • Trix of the Trade from a #1 Producer
  • Magic and Mentalism! An entertaining and captivating performance
  • Duplicatable point-of-sale process compliant with the DOL mandate
  • Custom gift for attendees*
  • Follow-up videos accessible using a QR code with a unique code
  • A one-of-a-kind presentation everyone will enjoy and learn from

Mike Sears, Keynote Speaker for the Financial Services Industry

About Mike Sears

Amazing, intense, innovative, and dynamic are some of the terms commonly used to describe the unique talents of Mike. Sears. He is a graduate of West Point, trained civil engineer, professional pilot, and insurance agent is the background that has allowed Michael to perform for a wide variety of people. He has been invited to the White House to meet President Reagan and to dine with the likes of Walter Cronkite, Mayor Koch, Yogi Barra and many more. He skillfully uses over 28 magical years of performing experience to create a very unique presentation, with just the right touch of humor, that is guaranteed to not only make you laugh, but also to certainly fool you!

With over 28 years of performing experience, Mike has dazzled audiences of major corporation such as Merrill Lynch, Canon, Stihl, Waste Management, Southland Industries, Viasystems Technologies, RCI, Trigon, Bon Secours, First Virginia Bank, Next Financial Group, Allianz, and Questar Capital Corporation, as well as many associations such as Virginia Primary Care, Virginia Medical Associations, Bar Association, Virginia Forest Products, Virginia Society of Association Executives, just to name a few. His services have delighted audiences in varying venues to include keynote, cocktail hour, after dinner shows, and awards banquets. Depending on your event, He will help you design the "best solution" to ensure your event is a "tremendous success!"

The Big Question: Will Your Next Event or Meeting be a Success?

Every financial firm and life insurance company faces the same challenges whenever they line up a keynote speaker for their next event. Whether it is an annual conference, sales conference, recruiting event, in-house promotion, management meeting… the challenge is always finding the right Keynote Speaker to help make your event a success.

  1. Will the keynote speaker be entertaining, or will the audience be bored?
  2. Will your team learn something useful that they can easily and immediately implement?
  3. Will the information provided to current and up-to-date with the latest Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary regulations?
  4. Will your team be inspired to go out and produce?
  5. Will the presentation help your team close sales better?
  6. Does your Keynote Speaker really know your industry?
  7. Is your Keynote Speaker a top producer in the industry?

Just one “No” answer to these questions can turn your event from a success to a failure.

The Answer: Mike Sears Delivers the Inspiration and the Magic

  • Mike Sears is the #1 Producer from 2005-2015 for a National Broker Dealer.
  • As a Magician/Mentalist, Mike Sears has performed for corporations and organization across the country for over 28 years.
  • The point-of-sale presentations have been developed by Mike Sears and are what he uses at the table be a top producer, the #1 producer for a 10-year period!
  • Mike Sears will deliver a unique platform to support and increase sales.
  • Everyone loves magic, and Mike Sears will give your team a custom trick they can take with them!* It is designed to be portable and will fit right in their wallet or purse.
  • Ongoing video support after the meeting.
  • Mike Sears has almost 3 decades of experience in the financial services and life insurance industry.
  • The industry is changing, and the Department of Labor’s (DOL) newest mandates need to be implemented. Mike Sears will teach you how to successfully implement the DOL requirements and capitalize on the industry unrest.

Trix of the Trade LogoChoose from 2 Trix of the Trade Programs  

  1. FEE MAX: A clear path and process for an ADVISOR to make the shift from transactional to fee business (this is happening).
  2. ESTATE MAX: This is the "cherry on top" as it will help any ADVISOR EXECUTE MORE LIFE SALES!

By design, both programs are SIMPLE and REPEATABLE. The SECRET is in their SIMPLICITY. Ask yourself, what is the value of a honed and refined Point of Sale process from a Perennial Top Producer presented to your group with a FLAIR of ENTERTAINMENT!


About Trix Of The Trade

Trix of the Trade logo

This is a highly entertaining 1-hour program designed to accomplish one goal: Increase fee-based production. This program will provide a point of sale process that will truly help the investment professional transition into fee-based sales, which is at the core of the DOL mandate.

This program was developed over decades of Mike following his two passions: counseling investors for 26 years, and his national performances of world-class magic for 28 years. Mike was the #1 Producer for his Broker-dealer from 2005-2015.

Mike presents a unique and successful viewpoint that uses entertainment and laughter to illustrate his core points. And the GIFT that he leaves with all attendees can greatly enhance their fee or life insurance production, while having fun at the same time.

*With full engagement fee.


Bring Mike Sears in as Your Keynote Speaker