Mike Sears

Mike Sears, developer of Trix of the Trade, and the top producer nationally from 2005-2015 for his broker-dealer.

When the selling stops, the MAGIC begins!sm
Trix Of The Trade

Mike Sears has created a very unique sales system that offers the following value add:

  1. Novelty, everyone loves magic and there is nothing like it in this market. How do I know? I have been integral part of sales meetings for the last 26 years in the financial industry, and I have never seen anything remotely close! This is truly “One of a Kind!"

  2. Entertaining and Educational. Not only does everyone enjoy some exceptional magic, but they will also receive a custom GIFT* that was designed to help them learn new Point of Sales process. This they can use to enhance FEE-BASED growth for example. The beauty of the GIFT is that it is PORTABLE. I designed it so that it can easily go into the producer’s wallet or purse, so that at just the right moment, your client receives your message. The GIFT is perfect for conferences, recruiting events, in-house promotions, national sales meetings, etc….

  3. This GIFT is the Key to obtaining information thru customizable video vignettes, which in-turn allows you to capture all the desired information about the inquirer. We have built an incredible 'BACK-END' to assist you in cultivating the relationship with the inquirers. All this information is EXPORTABLE TO EXCEL. This is where you build the "OH SO VALUABLE BACK-END" enabling you to design follow-on actions!

  4. The information is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE with a UNIQUE CODE being assigned to each vignette! We currently offer 2 vignettes that speak directly to DOL which are not only timely, but critical in assisting in the "ADVISOR'S SHIFT."

Trix of the Trade LogoThe 2 Trix of the Trade programs are as follows:  

  1. FEE MAX: A clear path and process for an ADVISOR to make the shift from transactional to fee business (this is happening).
  2. ESTATE MAX: This is the "cherry on top" as it will help any ADVISOR EXECUTE MORE LIFE SALES!

By design, both programs are SIMPLE and REPEATABLE. The SECRET is in their SIMPLICITY. Ask yourself, what is the value of a honed and refined Point of Sale process from a Perennial Top Producer presented to your group with a FLAIR of ENTERTAINMENT!


About Trix Of The Trade

Trix of the Trade logo

This is a highly entertaining 1-hour program designed to accomplish one goal: Increase fee-based production. This program will provide a point of sale process that will truly help the investment professional transition into fee-based sales, which is at the core of the DOL mandate.

This program was developed over decades of Mike following his two passions: counseling investors for 26 years, and his national performances of world-class magic for 28 years. Mike was the #1 Producer for his Broker-dealer from 2005-2015.

Mike presents a unique and successful viewpoint that uses entertainment and laughter to illustrate his core points. And the GIFT that he leaves with all attendees can greatly enhance their fee or life insurance production, while having fun at the same time.

*With full engagement fee.